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How do you justify Young Earth creationism? | Would love the opposing perspective | Civil Discourse Podcast
REPORT: Iran War "rollout" a "disaster" says top Israeli Rabbi
Joe Rogan Experience #1299 - Annie Jacobsen
2018 documentary - "Who Killed Robert Kennedy?" (JFK's brother)
How does a Conservative Pastor reconcile science and religion?
🔴 Insecurity is a Feeling—Control It | COACH RED PILL
Kirkkohallitus haluu lapset yöksi kirkkoon, mitä oot mieltä?
Rauhanomaiset muslimit kivitti Tommy Robinsonia - poliisi suojeli kivittäjiä
Abortin kannattaja kohdisti väkivaltaa pro-elämän kannattajaan, 292 000 tykkäsi twiitistä
DNA testit paljastivat, että Meksikosta lapsien kanssa tulleet aikuiset eivät olleet sukua lapsille
Terminaattorin päälle hyökättiin
Marketing Masquerading as Science | RFK Jr. goes into depth on the deceptive and fraudulent Gardasil science and the conflicts of interest that enabled the product to be brought to market and to be mandated
How Intel wants to backdoor every computer in the world | Intel Management Engine explained
Ralph Nader: Truther. Feb. 2017: "I haven't been quiet about 9/11...My first criticism was of the 9/11 commission report... "
My Loring Air Force Base UFO story 1975, by Michael Wallace
Police who do not respect the Constitution are the ones who stand between humanity and true freedom.


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