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Hello I am DownSouth76...


Inverted drawing of one murkily remembered picture of African workmen standing with a dead crane - user who posted this drawing (surprisingly accurate to the actual photo which you can find online easily searching for 'thunderbird photo'). The animal in the actual picture is certainly large and impressive but the location and time are far off.


A definite hoax - the image quality is a give away but also look at the low quality attempt at "period" dress (is that guy seated center just wearing his work shirt) and, as another anon correctly points out, the bat-winged pterosaur, while a popular image, has been a known falsehood for almost a century.

I guess there's a point to be made that if you're seriously considering whether this photo of cowboys with a dead pterodactyl is real, then considering the reality of anatomical distinctions is a bit of a stretch, but in this pic the little details all add up. Never saw it until the last few years.